Four Specialty Benefits Worth Adding To Your Health Care Program


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Traditional health insurance plans cover many procedures and treatments, but for people who want more, there are extra benefits that may enhance financial security or even enrich health coverage. These additional plans might include coverage in case an accident happens and they can’t work, vision and dental coverage, group life insurance and more. And for employers, this is good news. That’s because talented employees see the extras that come with specialty benefits as a way to differentiate between possible employers. In other words, if a top recruit is choosing between two companies and one has a more robust benefits package with specialty offerings, that helps make the decision a lot easier. Click through the slideshow below to discover everything you need to know about offering your employers added benefits. If you want to learn about other options employers have when offering insurance plans to employees, check out these blogs:
Learn more about improving the health of your employees, and lowering your business’ health care costs, by offering Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s specialty insurance coverage at About the author: John J. Dunn is vice president of Middle and Small Group Business for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. He’s responsible for the sales and earnings performance of middle and small group business, which generates approximately $4 billion in annual premiums. He’s also involved in key projects related to achieving the company’s core business strategies, including strategic planning, national health care reform, product development and pricing. Dunn has been with Blue Cross for 25 years. He’s a fellow of the Society of Actuaries, a member of both the American Academy of Actuaries and the Michigan Actuarial Society, and serves as immediate past chair and treasurer of the board for the Children’s Center of Wayne County. Dunn holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Michigan State University. Photo credit: Les Black
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