Give Employees the Freedom of Choice with Blue Cross® Physician Choice PPO


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Give Employees the Freedom of Choice with Blue Cross® Physician Choice PPO
Health benefits play an important role in a company’s ability to attract and retain top talent. However, for smaller businesses in the hunt for top-tier talent, it can be difficult to stack up against larger companies. A recent study found that 55 percent of employees list health coverage as the main factor in job satisfaction. Since giving employees choice in their coverage can be what makes a business stand out as a top employer, how can employers do just that? Physician Choice PPO from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan can help. The plan maintains access to the entire Blue Cross PPO network, while giving employees options to lower their out-of-pocket expenses, and potentially reducing the premiums your business pays. Here’s how:
  • Quality care at an affordable cost. Our network of Organized Systems of Care (OSCs) across the state are individual communities of health professionals and facilities that work closely together to provide members with personalized, coordinated care focused on their specific needs. Not only does this help improve the level of care an employee receives, but as Physician Choice PPO members, employees can pay the lowest costs by choosing to have their care coordinated by doctors and hospitals in one of our lowest-cost (Level 1) OSCs.
  • Put employees in the driver’s seat. With Physician Choice PPO, members can decide where they receive care and what cost share level they want to pay, depending on where they choose to get care.
    • Employees who choose to select a primary care doctor in a Level 1 OSC and use specialists and hospitals within the same Level 1 OSC will pay the lowest Level 1 cost share amount.
    • Physician Choice PPO is all about options. If employees want to visit an in-network doctor, hospital or specialist outside their selected OSC without a referral from their primary care doctor, or visit a doctor or hospital without selecting a primary care doctor at all, they will pay a bit more for care at the Level 2 cost share.
    • For flexibility, employees can also visit a doctor outside of Blue Cross’ network, but wll pay even higher out-of-network cost share.
  • Unparalleled access to care. With access to more than 11,000 specialists, 4,000 primary care doctors and 100 Michigan hospitals, Physician Choice PPO members receive the treatment they need that fits in their budget. The Find a Doctor tool, available on both and the BCBSM mobile app, helps members easily identify doctors and hospitals in Level 1 OSCs.
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