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Employee Retention Specialty Benefits
These days it’s challenging to find and keep quality employees. To be competitive, its important employers develop internal strategies to attract talented individuals to be loyal, long-term employees. Providing health benefits is important for recruiting, but even more for retention. The Society for Human Resource Management reported that 56% of people stated the health benefits they were receiving from their employer was a key factor in deciding to stay in their current job. Offering Specialty Benefits such as Life, Disability, Accident, Critical Illness or Hospital Recovery to your portfolio as either a fully funded or voluntary benefit option, can set your business apart from the competition. Specialty benefits provides a “3P” approach - giving employees the option to:
  • Protect their finances
  • Plan for the unexpected
  • Protect their families
To keep your employees engaged in his or her job you should consider the following when creating your internal employee retention plan:
  1. Competitive salary and offer benefits beyond the basics
  2. Make work-life balance a priority
  3. Hire the right individual the first time
  4. Reduce employee ‘pain’
  5. Be a leader – NOT a boss
  6. Transparency, employee recognition and ease of communication
  7. Allow an employee to be proud of where they work
We offer employee surveys to help an employer determine what specialty benefits would be a benefit to their staff based on the results. This will help engage your employees and help minimize employee confusion while offering competitive benefits. To get a copy of our employee survey email Blue Cross Specialty Benefits at To learn more about us visit Blue Cross’s Specialty Benefits page or read these blogs:
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