How to Implement Blue Cross Rewards at Your Company


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How to Implement Blue Cross Rewards at a Business
When employees go above and beyond at their places of work, they often receive positive reinforcement or incentives to encourage continued success. This same concept can easily be applied to your employees’ health care decisions through the Blue Cross Rewards program. Eligible Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan members* who have fully insured commercial PPO coverage can earn e-gift cards by choosing cost-effective provider locations for non-emergency procedures. When an employee selects an eligible procedure, such as an X-ray, mammogram or CT scan, they can receive a $25-$75 e-gift card in return. For employees to take advantage of Blue Cross Rewards, they first need to learn about it. That’s where you come in. You can easily promote Blue Cross Rewards at your own business by simply visiting There you’ll find downloadable toolkits and collateral to share with your employees. These touchpoints clearly outline the benefits of signing up for Blue Cross Rewards. There are multiple ways to share the program with your employees including:
  • Sending custom emails and newsletters to your staff
  • Putting posters and flyers in the breakroom or high-traffic areas
  • Posting advertisements through your digital channels
  • Passing out flyers, brochures or wallet cards at meetings
Employees can access the program by logging into their Blue Cross member account at or through the BCBSM mobile app. From here they can search for reward-eligible procedures marked by a green trophy and sign up to receive rewards. This instructional YouTube video on How to use Blue Cross Rewards offers a simple step-by-step guide for the program. Educating your employees about Blue Cross Rewards enables them to get rewarded for choosing cost-effective procedures, while still getting the highest quality of care. Learn more about the Blue Cross Rewards program:
*The Blue Cross RewardsSM program is available to most commercial fully insured PPO group members. Photo credit: StartupStockPhotos
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