How to Reward Your Employees for Taking Care of Their Health


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How to Reward Your Employees for Taking Care of their Health
It’s not unusual to be rewarded for going above and beyond. We buy our kids ice cream or a video game for good grades, hand the dog a treat when they sit or roll over, and indulge in some guilty-pleasure TV at the end of a long work day. While being rewarded for doing something extra is a nice bonus, being rewarded for doing what we should be doing anyway — like taking care of our health — is the motivation we all need sometimes. That’s exactly what the Blue Cross Rewards program does for members and their families when they choose cost-effective, non-emergency health services at eligible providers. At Blue Cross, we want to make sure your employees are getting the care they need — and we’re saying “thank you for prioritizing your health” with e-gift cards to retailers like Amazon, Target, Home Depot and more. Resources You Need to Educate Your Employees Blue Cross Rewards is an innovative service built right into a member’s online account. Any time an employee or their family member signs up to be rewarded for a non-emergency, reward-eligible service such as an X-ray, mammogram, CT scan, MRI or colonoscopy, they’ll receive an e-gift card for $25 to $75 after going to eligible providers. With Blue Cross Rewards as part of their plan, your employees can compare provider locations; control and understand their out-of-pocket costs for non-emergency care; and receive cost-effective care from credentialed, in-network physicians — all while getting a little something extra, too. The process: Members can login or register their online account at, Search for a reward-eligible, non-emergency health care service. Sign up for the rewardable service and look for the green trophy icon. After a member signs up for a reward, decide on a provider location, makes an appointment and receives the service, the e-gift card is delivered by email six to eight weeks later. An online member account, coupled with our Blue Cross mobile app, not only makes accessing Blue Cross Rewards easy, but has other useful features like:
  • Health plan coverage information
  • Out-of-pocket balances and claims detail
  • Find in-network doctors, hospitals and specialists
  • Get extra discounts on health-related products and services
The resources for you: We know you have enough to do without having to create informational material from scratch, so we give you everything you need to promote awareness of Blue Cross Rewards and encourage your employees to use the program. A full marketing toolkit is available for your use, with talking points for meetings; Outlook email templates for Mac and PC; promotional flyers and posters; tutorial videos; brochures; newsletter templates; web ads and more. The materials give members clear instructions on how to use the program, with suggestions for you on how to distribute the info — including a sample marketing campaign to promote the program to your employees. And even if you don’t get around to using these materials as much as you’d like, we’ll be providing support with our own informational campaign via social media, SMS messaging, email and direct mail, to make sure members are aware of all things Blue Cross Rewards. Your employees get: Up to $550 in e-gift cards, per family member on the plan, per year, for retailers they already shop at, like Target, Amazon and Home Depot — just for making smarter, more informed decisions about their non-emergency health care services. You get: Healthier, happier, engaged employees who are more likely to stay with your company because they like their health coverage and benefits — and you also reduce your insurance costs as a result of their using lower-cost providers. Your employees’ Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan coverage is more than just health insurance — it’s also an opportunity to be rewarded for taking care of themselves and their families with bonus cash to spend at their favorite retailers. Blue Cross Rewards is available to most fully insured and as a buy-up for select Administrative Service Contract groups. Learn more about the Blue Cross Rewards program:
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