Information Technology: A Purpose-Driven Career for Blue Cross Employees


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At Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, health care IT serves a greater purpose; it is the backbone of Blue Cross, supporting everything our employees do to help improve the health of members and Michigan residents. Blue Cross is increasing investment in cutting-edge technology to improve the way care is delivered and help members make better health care decisions. We are leveraging our expanding IT capabilities to make a difference in the health care industry and provide employees with a reason to be passionate about their careers. Blue Cross is also one of Michigan’s largest IT companies. As Detroit gears up to become an innovative hub for technology, Blue Cross is looking for experienced IT professionals to join our IT team and continue providing quality service to our members, while staying ahead of the continually changing health care world. As consumers become more empowered, employees continue to see the purpose behind their work. IT has been at the forefront of Blue Cross’ practices and initiatives, helping our IT team increase members’ access to affordable health care and enhanced quality of care. Courtney Bishop, a Blue Cross Business Analyst, said, “I love all the challenges of IT, all the opportunities. Information technology is always changing, moving and always fast-paced." For that reason, Blue Cross continues to leverage emerging IT capabilities to help improve the health and well-being of our members. The IT team at Blue Cross is dedicated to improving the way we disseminate information to our members so they can understand the changes surrounding their health. To learn more about Blue Cross’s commitment to improving the health of our members through technology, visit Photo credit:
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