It’s Important to Offer the Benefits Your Employees Really Want


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In a previous blog, we shared how providing specialty benefits can help retain happy employees. Today, we’re going to take a closer look into exactly why it’s important to offer the plans your employees need and how Blue Cross Specialty Benefits can help. Employees are looking for more than just a competitive salary and health care. Specialized benefits protect their financial health and further encourage a happy, healthy work environment ― an environment where valued talent stays. Specialty benefits are becoming much more personalized to meet consumer needs. And, their value can go up significantly when employers have a grasp on what their employees need. In our prior blog, we highlighted the value of providing surveys to employees. This is a perfect topic for you to test it out. Here’s why. In an article from USA Today, Maurie Backman said it’s important that employers know exactly what’s being demanded by workers. “It pays to survey your workers and ask them what benefits they’re looking for. If you are going to invest in them, you might as well put your money where it counts,” he said. If these benefits can be offered and communicated openly between employers and employees, they both will benefit in the long run. Voluntary specialty benefits allow employees to make choices based on their needs and lifestyle. The employers’ responsibility is to educate, coordinate, provide and guide employees to these benefit plans. Our Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Specialty Benefits Team will:
  • Work with an employer or agent to send out employee surveys to determine those specialty benefits that resonate most with their current employee base, and help customize plan offerings to best meet everyone’s needs.
  • Supply customized informational marketing materials for employers to share, such as posters, mailers, email content and informational brochures.
  • Provide payroll deductions, so employees don’t have to remember monthly payments.
Learn more about the specialty benefits that Blue Cross has to offer on our Specialty Benefits product page, or contact your agent today. Like this post? Check these out:
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