One-on-One Employee Assistance Means a Stress-Free Private Exchange Transition

Jason Hover

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VP Private Exchange Business

Most people routinely see a doctor – 82 percent of adults – but not everyone has the same health care needs. Some might only need an annual physical while others need regular care for chronic conditions. That’s the big problem with choosing a one-size-fits-all health plan for employees that doesn’t consider their personal income and health care needs. Fortunately, private exchanges can help. Private exchanges offer employees lots of health plan options, give them an allowance and let them shop for the health plan that meets their personal needs. This is good in the long run. However, the tough part is helping employees choose the right plan and making sure they understand what their health plan covers. That’s why GlidePath® (a private exchange offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan for companies with more than 51 full-time employees) offers unique one-on-one member support. Here are a few ways GlidePath’s customer service goes above and beyond to help employees understand and get the most out of their health care:
  • It’s personalized from the beginning. Your employees can start by taking an online survey. Their answers will result in a customized online enrollment process where they will be guided to health plans that meet their personal needs and budgets.
  • Online and phone enrollment options available. If an employee is uncomfortable with enrolling online, GlidePath advisors are available to walk them, step-by-step, through the enrollment process over the phone. These licensed and trained advisors are able to answer any questions employees might have, from technical help to clarifying different aspects of the various plan options.
  • Free post-enrollment support. After enrollment, the Health AdvocateTM program is available to your employees and their families whenever there is a question or confusion about their health care. Health Advocate services are free and include help finding the right doctors and hospitals, assistance scheduling appointments, support with complex clinical issues, clarification of benefits and claims, support with elder care issues and much more.
One-on-one employee assistance is a great way to make sure everyone at your company is taking full advantage of all their health care plan has to offer. At the same time, it frees up your human resources personnel to focus on other company demands. For more information on receiving personalized support for your employees, visit Blue Cross’s Private Exchanges-GlidePath page or For more insight into private exchange, read the following blogs:
Photo credit: Alan Clark About the Author
Jason Hover is vice president of Private Exchange for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. He’s responsible for driving the company’s strategy and solutions in the private exchange market, which includes developing the company’s proprietary GlidePath℠ private health insurance exchanges. Hover also leads strategy development for the Blue Cross Commercial Business division. Hover joined Blue Cross in 2009 and previously served as director of Commercial Business Strategy and director of Strategy and Planning.

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