Supplemental Insurance: Give Single Mothers Less to Worry About


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Understanding the dynamic of your business includes your employee’s needs and considerations. While health care coverage is important for everyone, it can be even more so for a single parent. The health and wellness and their child’s and their own is important and can be expensive. Offering supplemental insurance and specialty insurance is a great option for your employees to elevate the stress of additional costs with unexpected expenses. With the costs of health care falling on one parent, the responsibility can be overwhelming. Especially if a service or treatment is not covered under a traditional plan. And unfortunately, health care spending on children is on the rise. That’s where supplemental insurance can help and why it can make a huge difference in the lives of employees. Supplemental insurance can cover a variety of incidents and circumstances. It can provide money for coinsurance, cover unexpected lost wages, provide transportation for health-related matters and even pay for food, medication and other necessities. There are specific supplemental plans you can offer through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, including the following:
  • Accident and hospital recovery coverage
  • Critical illness coverage
  • Long term care insurance
  • Long and short term disability coverage
Supplemental coverage is not only a priority for the children, but also for the mom. Single mothers are at a higher risk of health issues than those who have a co-parent. And if something happens to them, they’ll need help with parenting duties and bills while they recover, which is exactly where supplemental insurance will come in handy. Blue Cross also offers Specialty Benefit plans from LifeSecure Insurance Company and Assurity Life Insurance Company. Employees can pair them with their Blue Cross medical plan to extend their coverage and protect their finances. Specialty benefits are a great option for single parents to help manage additional costs in the case of unplanned life events. Understanding coverage and the benefits of additional insurance is important to keep your employees’ health and peace of mind priority. For more information about supplemental insurance and how it can ease the worries of your employees, check out these other blog posts:
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