Tips for Boosting Employees’ Healthy Habits


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Tips for Boosting Employees’ Healthy Habits
Many members of your team are well on their journey to achieving health and well-being in 2019. Whether the goal is to eat better, exercise more or quit smoking, most of their motivation must come from within. However, as an employer, you can encourage your team’s resolution efforts in many ways. These six tips and tools can help your employees—and you—achieve your health goals this year:
  1. Blue Cross® Virtual Well-Being webinars: Blue Cross launched the new Virtual Well-Being program in January, offering free live weekly webinars and downloadable content designed to support a greater sense of well-being. The webinars are available to all Blue Cross and Blue Care Network employer groups and members.
  2. Office-wide challenges: Health trackers are a great way to keep tabs on your daily step count and compete against friends or family members—or coworkers. Taking walking or standing meetings not only promotes friendly competition, but helps your employees avoid sitting all day—something that can have damaging health effects on the entire body. If you’re looking to get started with a wearable or fitness tracker in the new year, Blue365 is a great way to find deals exclusive to Blue Cross members.
  3. Fresh fuel bar:Along with a supply of healthy options like nuts, protein bars and fresh produce, research shows that companies that provide free food to employees have happier teams than those who do not. A weekly fruit order to the office can go a long way to not only employees’ waistlines, but also job satisfaction.
  4. Blue Cross’ Win by Losing program: This free weight loss competition helps workplace teams have fun while losing weight. Win by Losing is available to all group customers and has two rounds of competition every year — one from February to April and another from September to November. The start of the year is the ideal time to sign up and get your group engaged.
  5. Workplace yoga or meditation: A monthly, in-office guided yoga or meditation session can help employees reduce stress and clear mental clutter. Studies show that yoga’s unique breathing techniques and slow movements are also good coping mechanisms to deal with tension throughout the day.
  6. Connect employees to well-being resources. Blue Cross has the tools employers need to partner with their employees in their well-being journey. Resources like the Digital Health Assistant, health assessment and Personal Health Record, all accessible through the Blue Cross® Health & Wellness website, powered by WebMD®, provide the information and support needed to keep employees educated and healthy.
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