Why Your Workplace Could Benefit from Team Sports

Julie Bitely

| 2 min read

You might think the best reason to start a company softball league or dodgeball team would be the physical exercise your employees would benefit from. While that’s certainly true, the biggest bonus to your company might be what happens off the field. Research points to benefits of workplace teams that go beyond individual health. Employees who are also teammates tend to have better group dynamics and improved performance. It makes sense. Sports can help shake off the formality of the office and create a common bond that doesn’t involve a shared cubicle wall. Winning and losing together on the field can help co-workers share an experience and strengthen relationships, even forge true friendships. Teammates who depend on each other during the game will find they’re cheering each other on at work as well. If your company is quite large, organizing sports teams can also help employees meet others they don’t work directly with. This out-of-the-box networking could help make connections within your company that could be beneficial to the culture or even spark mentoring opportunities. It can also help those who don’t enjoy traditional networking events to feel welcome and included in your workplace. Does your workplace offer opportunities to participate in sports? Share your experiences in the comments. Looking to start a workplace wellness program? If you’re a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan customer, take a look at Blue Cross Wellness Programs and our employer resources page. Find printable information about Blue Cross® Health & Wellness programs you can share with your employees on bcbsm.com/engage. If you enjoyed this post, you might also like:
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