Medicaid Redetermination: How Blue Cross is Helping People Stay Covered

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For the first time since the pandemic began, people who are enrolled in a Medicaid plan will have to renew their membership to keep their health care coverage.
More than 3 million Michigan residents are enrolled in a Medicaid plan. During the pandemic, health plans automatically renewed members to expand access to health care. With the ending of the federal public health emergency, state officials that manage Medicaid plans are re-evaluating members to see if they are still eligible for the benefits. This is called “Medicaid redetermination.”
For individuals who still qualify for Medicaid, they will have to file renewal paperwork by a deadline to keep their coverage. The process will screen for individuals who no longer qualify for Medicaid, as their income may have risen above the program’s threshold and may now need to choose different health coverage. Additionally, some individuals may now be eligible for health insurance offered through an employer.
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is working closely with Blue Cross Complete of Michigan as well as state officials to ensure everyone continues to have access to health care coverage – both for individuals that continue to qualify for our Medicaid plans and for individuals statewide now eligible for Blue health plans on the individual market and through their employers. We are ready to help our members and are actively reaching out to make sure they will continue to have the health coverage they need.

How do I renew my Medicaid benefits?

If you are enrolled in Medicaid plan in Michigan, the state will send you a renewal packet by mail. This will happen monthly depending on the state’s schedule for each member, with renewal deadlines beginning June 2023 and ending May 2024.
Here are the steps you need to prepare:
  1. Make sure your address, phone number and email address are up to date at You can also call your local MDHHS office.
  2. If you do not have an online account for MI Bridges to access your Medicaid case or report changes, visit to sign up for an account. You can also locate organizations that can help you by searching for community partners.
  3. Report any changes to your household or income. You can report changes at or by calling your local MDHHS office.
  4. Check your renewal month online at
  5. Watch the mail: the state will first send a letter three months before your renewal deadline. Two months before, you will get a renewal packet in the mail.
  6. If you get a renewal packet, be sure to fill it out, sign the forms and return it by the due date with any proof needed. NOTE: If you do not complete and return the renewal, you may lose Medicaid coverage.

How do I get health insurance if I no longer qualify for Medicaid?

Michigan residents who no longer qualify for Medicaid will receive information about other affordable health care options available on Individuals who have lost Medicaid coverage qualify for a special enrollment period and have 12 months to enroll in a plan.
At Blue Cross and Blue Care Network, we are working to contact our members in every way that we can, including sending letters, brochures, emails and text messages. We are educating individuals about our affordable and convenient plan options from Michigan’s largest network of doctors and hospitals.
Blue Cross offers $0 health plans with benefits including:
Blue Cross also offers low-cost premium plans, with benefits including:
If you’re interested in a Blue Cross plan offered through the marketplace, visit, or call 1-855-890-2409 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday to speak to an advisor about your options.
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