2019 Annual Report: Letter from Chairman of the Board Gregory A. Sudderth


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In 2019, Blue Cross honored its 80-year commitment to the health of our members and customers while delivering strong business results. The promises we made to those we serve, about continuous improvement, transformation, innovation and diversification, are being kept. And it shows, especially now as we face the challenges emerging related to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Chairman of the Board Gregory A. Sudderth
Chairman of the Board Gregory A. Sudderth In 2019, we grew to serve nearly 5.4 million members in all 50 states, who are counting on us every day, while strengthening our already deep, historic roots in Michigan. We enhanced our longstanding partnerships with doctors and hospitals to ensure greater quality and efficiency. This leads to better care for our members and a stronger health care system in Michigan, which is especially important during this public health crisis. We took those partnerships to a new level, launching a new reimbursement relationship in which accountability for delivering lower costs and higher quality is shared by all. Blue Cross moderated or reduced rates for individual purchasers, small employers and seniors. As our customers and members seek better guidance and more value from their insurance plan, we put advanced analytics to work in ways that solve complex business problems and deliver affordable, high-quality health care. These are a few examples of Blue Cross in action in 2019 as a diversified Michigan company with a national reach, continuing to lead in the transformation of health care. Over the last decade, things moved faster than ever and became more complex year after year. Now, as we encounter a time of great uncertainty for our nation, Blue Cross continues to be a company skillfully adapting to, anticipating and embracing change. We do this while maintaining our steadfast commitment to improving the health of members, delivering outstanding business results and supporting our people and communities. Read the full 2019 Annual Report.
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