Making Affordable Health Care a Reality

Krystal Clark

| 2 min read

Shot of a doctor working in a hospital
At Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, we take our values to heart. For 80 years, we’ve honored our commitment to providing affordable, high-quality health care. We’ve connected members with the best providers offering safe and cost-effective solutions. But this isn’t a solo effort. We believe all health care stakeholders must work together to solve the current affordability crisis. Health care can be expensive for everyone—patients, providers and insurers. Therefore, we all have a vested interest in finding a better way to manage costs. Blue Cross understands providers are on the front lines delivering vital services to the community. That’s why as Michigan’s leading health insurer, we're joining hospitals and doctors to improve the system. The traditional fee-for-service method is old and inefficient. The payment approach leads to unexpected surcharges, including care that doesn’t always benefit the patient. We want to focus on adding value and producing healthier outcomes. With Blue Cross’ new payment structure, we reward providers for successfully improving and managing their patient’s health. Emphasizing quality and value-based care has already saved more than $2 billion. This collaboration of doctor and insurer is helping to manage rates and reduce the financial burden. In recent years, our streamlined process allowed us to lower premiums for small businesses an impressive nine times. With additional providers we expect an even larger increase of prospective savings. Blue Cross is asking providers to be true partners in this effort. Our members are patients that depend on them for critical care. Doctors can earn more by avoiding unnecessary testing, helping to prevent rehospitalization and reducing complications or errors. They’re also encouraged to coordinate patients’ care with other medical professionals to ensure they receive the best treatment possible. The truth is clear: Our members are concerned about the direction of health care and its growing financial need. It’s having a direct impact on their wallets. More people are choosing to delay doctor’s visits because of the potential cost. This can lead to more serious health issues and even more expensive treatments. As a community, we can’t afford to continue using an outdated system. We owe it to our members and their employers to collaborate on health care that works. We believe in this mission and know that together, we can change health care from the inside out. Blue Cross will continue making strides towards our ultimate goal—accessible, affordable health care for all. Are you ready to join the movement? Let’s do this.

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