New Form Lets Patients Refuse Opioids

Bridget Leahy

| 2 min read

Doctor counseling a male patient
A new online form makes it easier for patients to communicate to their physician that they do not wish to receive opioid medications. The voluntary directive, when included in a patient’s medical record, instructs medical professionals to neither prescribe or administer opioids. The nonopioid directive form is now available on the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan member portal, which members can access by logging in to and finding the form under the "Forms" tab. Print it, fill it out and give it to your physician to keep on file. An individual who has executed a nonopioid directive on their own behalf may revoke the directive at any time and in any way they can communicate their intent to revoke the form. The goal of the nonopioid directive is to prevent more people from becoming addicted to prescription pain medication and assist those recovering from substance use disorders, while ensuring alternatives are considered for pain management. The directive does not apply in emergency situations, to patients in hospice care or those currently receiving treatment for addiction. The new form is part of a statewide effort to address Michigan's growing opioid crisis. While opioid prescriptions in the state have declined by 25% since 2013, the number of opioid overdoses has more than tripled in the same time period. To help combat the opioid epidemic, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has partnered with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and several other community organizations with the goal of reducing opioid and prescription drug abuse through prevention, treatment and sustained recovery. The Michigan Opioid Partnership provides grants to new or expanding projects focused on various factors fueling the state's drug crisis. For more information, visit Blue Cross’ Opioids 101 online resource page. If you found this post helpful, you might want to read these:
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