5 Simple Ways Preventive Care Can Save You—Both Physically and Financially


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We’ve said it before, but it's as true now as it was then - preventive care is a vital part of staying healthy. Doing all you can to keep track of vitals like cholesterol, blood pressure and stay up-to-date on recommended screenings is key to catching problems when they are small and in most cases, easily resolved. Not only does preventive care keep you healthy, it’s also a great way to maximize your coverage, so you're always getting the most out of the money you spend each month on your health care plan. Here are just five of the preventive treatments that can end up saving you money while boosting your health in the long run:
  1. Flu shots: The average person misses five days of work a year due to the flu. In fact, recent findings show that lost earnings from the flu total over $16 billion for U.S. workers each year. A simple solution? Getting your annual flu shot every fall. The vast majority of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan members get one for free.
  2. Women’s health screenings: Regular pap smears, mammograms, bone density tests and HPV scans are important women’s health services that can be performed on a regular basis. Basic pelvic and breast exams can detect serious health issues early and are usually covered by your plan. If you’re pregnant, you may also be eligible for additional screenings like Hepatitis B or gestational diabetes at little to no cost.
  3. Thorough cholesterol tests: Getting your cholesterol tested during your yearly checkup can help determine your risk for high cholesterol and predict the likelihood of heart disease down the road. As a result, you’ll have time to make lifestyle changes before the need to spend a lot of money on life-saving prescriptions arises. Basic testing is covered under most plans, and if you display certain risk factors like a family history of heart disease, your plan may even cover a more detailed screening.
  4. Prostate exams: Most men think prostate cancer only happens to seniors, but younger men can get the disease too. Like most cancers, prostate cancer treatments can cost tens of thousands of dollars. The best way to catch the diesease early is through an exam. Most plans cover the test, giving you and your family peace of mind about your health.
  5. Routine check-ups: It’s a simple step to take, but a yearly check-up with your doctor is covered by your plan and helps prevent larger health problems before they arise or get worse. Save yourself costly trips to specialists or high-priced medication by checking in with your doctor on an annual basis.
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