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According to a recent study by the University of Washington's Institute for Health Metric and Evaluation, Americans spend an average of almost 10 years of their lives sick with some sort of illness or health condition. Additionally, these illnesses often come at the worst times. The personal cost behind dealing with sickness comes in many forms: time away from work or family, financial costs, increased stress—the list goes on. For example, one sick day may be the difference of paying the electricity bill or filling a tank of gas for workers who do not have paid sick days, according to new research from the Economic Policy Institute. One solution to feel better faster is virtual doctor visits from Blue Cross Online VisitsSM.
Blue Cross Online VisitsSM provide convenient care for body and mind. Understand the full advantages of using this service that lets you talk with a U.S. board-certified doctor or licensed therapist from a smartphone, tablet or computer:
  1. Accessible anywhere: Blue Cross Online VisitsSM is available wherever you have an internet connection in the U.S. This means if your primary care doctor isn’t available, you’re traveling or can’t leave work or home, you still have access to qualified care right in your pocket.
  2. Easy to use: Signing up to use Blue Cross Online VisitsSM is a breeze. Whether you plan to use it through the BCBSM Online VisitsSM mobile app or the desktop version, the prompts make it easy to enroll and have your first visit. Keep in mind that all video chats are secure and confidential.
  3. Provides expert advice: During your online visit, you can rest assured knowing that a licensed professional will give you with the best advice to get you back on your feet. These U.S. board-certified doctors can help treat a cold, flu, ear aches, strains and sprains, and other minor injuries or illnesses. You can also talk with a therapist or psychiatrist about life challenges you’re dealing with, such as anxiety, depression or grief.
  4. Works within your schedule: Trying to balance the things life throws at you is enough of a challenge. That’s why Blue Cross Online VisitsSM is an ideal choice. For a medical visit, simply log in and choose the first available doctor, select a doctor from the list, or search for a specific doctor. Information about each doctor is displayed, showing the doctor’s name, specialty and availability. Therapy and psychiatry visits are available by appointment only.
  5. Travels with you: You can’t always plan for the times when you need medical advice, such as on vacation. In those cases, Blue Cross Online VisitsSM is a convenient resource to have. Getting sick in an area you’re unfamiliar with is difficult. With this service, you have full access wherever you go in the U.S.—and you can even get prescriptions if need be.
You can use Blue Cross Online VisitsSM through the app, logging on to bcbsmonlinevisits.com, or by calling 1-844-606-1608. If you haven’t created an account already, you’ll be asked to fill in some basic information including your Blue Cross or Blue Care Network health care plan information.
For severe symptoms and life-threatening conditions, such as an allergic reaction or chest pain, visit the nearest emergency room. More from MIBluesPerspectives:
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