A Year With Blue Care Network: Understanding your costs


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When you sign up for health insurance, it can be hard to tell just how much you’re going to need it in the coming year. You might only visit the doctor twice, for strep throat and allergy symptoms, or you could wind up needing to go to the emergency room and undergo surgery. Whatever the case, you should keep track of the various costs throughout the year. To get an idea of how your deductible and copays could work, take a look at what one Blue Care Network member might experience during a year with Blue Care Network coverage.
While this is a great guide, each plan has different costs. To understand your own plan’s specifics, look online at www.bcbsm.com or call the phone number on the back of your BCN ID card. Sign up for Blue Care Network’s monthly newsletter Good Health eNews to receive health and wellness tips delivered straight to your inbox. For more information on managing your health care and costs, check out these blogs:
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