Blue Cross Launches New Medicare Advantage Plan with Meijer

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Two community-focused, trusted Michigan companies are working together on a new approach to affordable, high-quality, whole-person health care for seniors.
In its first foray into health insurance, Meijer is partnering with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan to launch a new Medicare Advantage plan.
The new plan, called Medicare Plus Blue PPO + Meijer, will be available to seniors during the annual enrollment period this fall for benefits that take effect Jan. 1, 2024. The annual enrollment period begins Oct. 15 and ends Dec. 7.
The Medicare Plus Blue PPO + Meijer plan offers seniors direct ways to save on everyday expenses both at the checkout line and at the doctor’s office.

Savings at the doctor

With the Medicare Plus Blue PPO + Meijer plan, members have access to the expansive Blue Cross network of providers, with affordable benefits including:
  • $0 monthly premiums
  • $0 annual deductible
  • $0 primary care visits
  • $0 copay on many generic prescription drugs
  • Comprehensive dental and vision coverage

Savings in the store

The Medicare Plus Blue PPO + Meijer plan also helps members reduce their out-of-pocket costs by giving them $660 a year to spend in-store on health and wellness items including products like vitamins and bandages. The plan takes a whole-person approach by allowing qualifying members who are managing chronic conditions the ability to use this annual allowance in-store to purchase healthy groceries. Members are welcome to combine mPerks rewards and coupons with this in-store allowance to maximize their savings.

Ready to help seniors

This new partnership combines the power of two of the biggest companies in Michigan, who are ready to help provide support for a growing population of seniors in the state. By 2050, experts project the population of retiree-aged people aged 65 and older will grow by 30% in Michigan.
Seniors face multiple challenges in managing their health after retirement: not only do their nutrition and health care needs change, they also must carefully manage their retirement savings against cost-of-living increases. The Medicare Plus Blue PPO + Meijer plan offers seniors savings at the checkout line, especially for those managing long-term health conditions who need nutritious, fresh food.
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