Blue Cross Launches Programs to Help Simplify Health Care Experience for Members

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Imagine if someone called you to remind you about your flu shot. Or if a nurse was available to answer your medical questions in a secure chat through a smartphone app. Or if you had a doctor’s appointment – but didn’t have a way to get there – and your insurance company could help get you a ride.
That level of personalized service and support is available to some members through the Blue Cross Coordinated Care℠ program offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, and new programs have recently expanded access to additional levels of service and are available to smaller-sized companies.
Blue Cross Coordinated Care now offers a variety of solutions to customers that help simplify members’ health care experience through personalized clinical guidance, care management and enhanced customer service.
The portfolio now includes:
  • Blue Cross Coordinated Care Core℠ : It’s included with fully insured and self-funded groups’ health plans at no additional cost to members.
  • Blue Cross Coordinated Care Enhanced℠ : This new addition for 2024 is offered at a lower price than our intermediate and premium care management options. It’s available to self-funded groups that have 300 or more contracts.
  • Blue Cross Coordinated Care Advocate℠ : BCCC Advocate is our intermediate care management option that was previously named Navigator. It’s available to self-funded groups that have 300 or more contracts.
  • Blue Cross Coordinated Care Advocate℠  Plus: This program offers our highest level of administrative and clinical support to members. BCCC Advocate Plus is available to self-funded groups that have 1,000 or more contracts. It was previously named Advocate.
“The health care system can be difficult to navigate, particularly for members who require comprehensive, frequent and ongoing care. With the Blue Cross Coordinated Care℠  (BCCC) portfolio, employers can help their employees connect the dots, get necessary care, and stay healthy and productive,” said Michelle Fullerton, vice president of Market Insight & Care Management. “
Based on customer feedback, and insight gleaned through a deep analysis of our data, we’ve developed new program tiers that offer graduated features so employers can select the tier that best fits the needs of their employee base for a smarter, better health care solution.”
Blue Cross Coordinated Care Core serves as the foundation of these offerings. This program uses enhanced analytics to identify members who would benefit most and those who need support with complex needs or chronic conditions. Members are connected to a nurse who leads a care team that includes doctors, social workers, pharmacists and behavior health specialists. Care teams are regionally aligned to coordinate with local providers and community resources.
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