A Body in Motion Stays in Motion: How to Boost Your Daily Activity


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If you're like 86 percent of Americans, you sit all day long at work, and it’s not doing your body any favors. Chronic sitters—people who sit for more than half of their day—have double the risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular issues. The alarming fact is that many Americans sit way more than that—on average 13 hours every day are spent in a chair, sofa or car. One simple way to sit less is to incorporate simple movements throughout your day. Once you start to make a habit of regularly getting up and being active, you’ll find it easier and easier to keep at it. Here are a few simple ways to boost your daily activity levels:
  • Listen to music as you get ready in the morning: Bouncing along to a beat while getting ready for your day can boost your heart rate and burn calories.
  • Find a path by your workplace for lunchtime walks: A pretty trail near your office can serve as the perfect mid-day getaway. Whether you’re a city worker or are in a more rural area, the AllTrails app can help you hunt down the nearest walking path.
  • Move during commercials: Instead of relaxing on your recliner while watching TV, stand up and move. Try to walk up and down your stairs during the break. You can even make it a challenge by seeing how many sets you can fit in during each break, then try and beat your last score.
  • Pick up lunch from an out-of-the-way restaurant: When running errands like picking up a salad, go for a spot that’s a few blocks farther away and you’ll easily add extra steps to your day.
  • Ignore the elevator: Pretend the elevator at your office does not exist and use the stairs instead. If you work on a really high floor, get off a few floors below and hit the stairs for the remaining way.
  • Take emails on the go: Rather than checking your email sitting down, grab your phone and sift through your inbox while lapping the office. Flag any that need following up and you’ll be able to save time when you get back to your desk.
Fitting in time for activities throughout your day can be a challenge. However, joining a group or active community is a great way to gain motivation and find inspiration to get started. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan offers you just that through our #HealthyMe initiative, which is an online community of over 14,000 members that support each other to live a healthier life.. The goal is to help Michiganders accomplish their healthy goals while receiving support from their friends along the way. #HealthyMe lets you create a personal health and wellness hub by identifying the topics that interest you, tracking goals and connecting with a like-minded community for added support. Moving more isn’t the only thing you can do to stay healthy—getting the right health insurance plan is also important to help you stay up to date on your wellness check-ups and screenings. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan offers plans for different budgets and needs. To find out more, visit us online or contact a health plan advisor at 888-899-4931. To learn more about keeping healthy all day long, check out these posts:
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