Introducing the Customer Action Center


| 2 min read

As a company that continually seeks and implements more useful and efficient ways to assist our members, we’re excited to introduce the latest iteration of this process – the Customer Action Center. Located in the “Member Services” section of this blog, the Customer Action Center is an online form where you can provide all of the information our team needs to get your questions answered as quickly and efficiently as possible. In the past, you might’ve used email or social media to contact our customer service team online, and received a response asking you to privately send more information such as your phone number or member ID. The Customer Action Center eliminates this back-and-forth by asking you for all the information our team needs to get started and address your concerns right away while keeping your security and privacy top priority. Do you have questions about billing? Do you wonder what your next steps are in getting a reimbursement? Let us know through the Customer Action Center and we’ll work to assist you. As soon as we receive your information, we’ll connect you with the right customer service representative to handle your case, and provide regular updates on the status of your inquiry until it is resolved. And remember, you can still reach us by phone or at one of our walk-in centers across the state. Whichever method of communication suits you best, we aspire to make your customer experience simple and useful to help you make the right choices, answer your questions and help you get quality health care for you and those you love.
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