Manage Your Health in Half the Time with the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Mobile App


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There are ways you love to fill your downtime: grabbing coffee with a friend, reconnecting with your spouse over dinner, relaxing with a page-turner. Now add managing your health care to that list. While it’s necessary to stay on top of preventive care and keep your coverage organized, it can be time consuming and confusing with all the information at your disposal. With the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan mobile app, we’ve made understanding your plan a piece of cake. Here are just a few of the ways the Blue Cross mobile app can help you manage your health care in half the time:
  1. Verify claim details. The most popular section of the app, you can investigate nearly every layer of your claim to better understand how it came together. Did you receive the services listed? Does the amount of your doctor’s bills match the You Pay amount on the claim? If yes, then you can pay your doctor with absolute confidence.
  2. Have your coverage questions answered. Find out more about your insurance policy without spending time searching for contact information or waiting on hold. With the app, you can quickly look up your coverage details.
  3. Find a doctor fast. Recently moved and looking for a new primary care physician? Trying to find a specialist near your office? Just open the app to quickly find an in-network doctor nearby. The app will even use your GPS to give you detailed directions to his or her office.
  4. Track your health in real-time. Your health may fluctuate and the apps you use to record it may multiply, but we’re here to help you manage it all in one place. The Health Record on the Blue Cross® Health & Wellness website empowers you to manage time-intensive chronic conditions, store data related to current prescriptions, enter stats like daily blood sugar levels, and so much more. Also, find instant answers to your health questions, from illness symptoms to injury. Trying to clamp down on your workout routine? Sync all your fitness trackers to the app to view your numbers, goals and achievements at a single glance.
  5. Connect with customer support. You can quickly send an email with any concerns or if you want to talk to someone, just choose which topic you need help with and the app will direct you to the right phone number.
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