Primary Care Doctors: Defining What Matters Most to You

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Primary Care Physician
When choosing a primary care doctor, there are many things to consider before deciding who will become your regular doctor and partner for your health care journey. Here’s what should matter most:
  1. Quality of care you receive: It’s easy to understand that quality of care is an important aspect to consider. If you don’t have a primary care physician or if you’re unsure what a PCP can do for you, know that they are your first line of defense when it comes to health care. They are critical in keeping track of your preventive care needs, understanding your family history, and providing routine check-ups. They also help coordinate any specialty care you need.
  2. Cost you pay: Not knowing how much a doctor’s visit or medical test will cost can cause quite a shock. As a Blue Cross member, you can avoid the out-of-pocket surprise by visiting or using the BCBSM mobile app to understand what you’ll owe ahead of time.
  3. Location: Coordinating your schedule to fit in a doctor’s appointment is challenging enough, as the average doctor visit experience takes about 121 minutes, but finding a doctor’s office that is conveniently located can add to that challenge. Find a Doctor can help you locate a doctor in your network that is close to home or work, so you can get quality health care when and where you need it and avoid lost time. Find out if the doctor you're considering provides services via telehealth, a convenient way to access care in certain situations.
  4. Building a relationship with your physician: With a primary care physician, you’re able to build a relationship. This allows your care team to get to know you, understand your medical history and health conditions, and your overall health care expectations. To develop the communication between you and your doctor or care team, don’t hold back when talking about symptoms or issues you have. Share as many details as possible, ask questions, and make sure you understand what your doctor is telling you before you leave the appointment.
  5. Appointment availability: There are times when your PCP isn’t available. When this happens, you have choices for care: 24/7 Nurse Line, Blue Cross Online VisitsSM, retail health clinics and urgent care centers. With these choices, you still can get treatment and medical advice when your doctor is not available.
Blue Cross can connect you with a primary care doctor who will be there for you each step of the way. Understand your plan options and all that is available to you by logging onto or by downloading the mobile app. The health care you deserve is just a few clicks away. Looking for more information? You may also be interested in these blogs:
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