The One Thing That Can Improve Your Relationship With Your Doctor


| 2 min read

Have you ever wondered why you prefer one of your doctors over a different one? Or why you may be more inclined to trust and follow one's health advice over another? It might not be because of that doctor’s education or experience. A new research report from Stanford University shows that emotional styles actually play a huge role in the patient/doctor relationship. According to the study, patients respond more positively to a doctor’s advice when they are “emotionally aligned” with their doctors. What exactly does that mean? Patients are likelier to trust and listen to advice if the emotional style of the doctor matches how the patient wants to feel in an ideal world. People who prefer to feel relaxed and calm will react positively to doctors who are also relaxed and calm. On the other hand, those who want to feel excitement will probably feel more of a connection to doctors who have upbeat personalities. This new research is important for both doctors and patients. Trust is crucial in any patient/doctor relationship and whether or not you follow advice can be the key to staying healthy. This is why it can be beneficial for patients to observe their doctor's emotional style in the first meeting to see if they are a good fit for long-term success. For doctors, the study brings light to the importance of understanding how patients are feeling at the current moment, how the patients want to feel in the long-term and learning to tailor interactions accordingly. If you aren’t feeling like you and your current doctors are really connecting, try to find a new one. For more about improving the communication between you and your doctors, check out these blogs from this site as well as A Healthier Michigan:
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