Your Checklist for Choosing the Right Coverage on the Marketplace


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After years of anticipation, the Health Insurance Marketplace is open. What now? Know how reform affects you: breaks down the Affordable Care Act into understandable chunks of information to give you the basics of reform. The website is interactive and provides next steps for you, specific to your current coverage situation. For you to get the best deal possible, it’s important for you to know if you qualify for government support and understand the different insurance plans on the marketplace. Gather the information you need to apply: There are three different forms needed to purchase health insurance on the Marketplace. Find out which forms are for you and what you’ll need to apply. Create an account and explore your options: Health care reform effects everyone differently. The Marketplace, found at, allows people to get health care information tailored to their unique situation. Input your information and you’ll get a list of coverage options you qualify for. Ask for help if you need it: The Marketplace offers online chat, a toll-free call center, and local help in your community.These people are all trained to help you understand your coverage options, apply for government-sponsored subsidies, and enroll in the right plan for you. To speak to a Blues Health Plan Adviser, call 855-499-0547. Pick a plan and enroll: If you live in Michigan, you will apply for coverage and enroll with step-by-step instructions on the Health Insurance Marketplace. You can use the help listed above if you want someone to talk you through the process live. For more information on health care reform, visit Photo credit:
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