COVID-19 Vaccine News Helped Woman Overcome Hesitancy

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Rosalyn Jackson and Alisa Armstrong
For Alisa Armstrong of West Bloomfield, Michigan, the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic became evident very early on. Alisa had just woken up from surgery at a southeast Michigan hospital and, like most of us would, immediately checked her phone. There she saw the news that Michigan’s first COVID-19 patient had been identified and was being treated at the same hospital.
Missed celebrations, milestones and the simple day-to-day camaraderie of colleagues all fell by the wayside as quarantines, distancing and mask mandates became the new normal. When the news came that vaccines were on the way, Alisa had questions and trepidation at first. “I was one of the folks who was on the fence,” she said. As time went on, information about the vaccines became clearer and seemed to be mostly positive. It was then that a little spark of joy and hope was ignited, and a return to normal seemed more than a pipedream. “For those people that we’ve lost, it would be tragic not to take advantage of this opportunity.” More from MIBluesPerspectives:
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