A New Addition: Adding Children to Your Health Care Plan


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If you’re about to welcome a new member into your family—whether it’s through birth or adoption—there is a lot to think about. But in addition to planning out the nursery and researching pediatricians, you’ll also need to make sure your newest family member has a high quality health care plan. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered. The first step is understanding significant dates and deadlines. Open enrollment for 2018 runs from November 1 through December 15, but don’t worry if your birth or adoption doesn’t fall within that window. As qualifying life events, births and adoptions mean you and your family can update or buy a new plan outside of the traditional open enrollment period (it’s called a special enrollment period). You can find instructions on how to do that here. Keep in mind that you must apply for coverage within 60 days of the birth, adoption or date that responsibility for a dependent is assumed if you’re becoming a legal guardian or foster parent. That means you can apply for the new plan up to 60 days before the official date or up to 60 days after. There are a few pieces of documentation you’ll need on hand to apply for coverage for your new family member. Depending on the circumstances, be ready to provide one of the following:
  • A birth certificate or an application for a birth certificate
  • A foreign, military, medical, health insurance or religious birth record
  • A signed adoption record
  • A legal guardianship or home placement record
  • A court or medical support order
  • Signed foster care papers
Additionally, you’ll need identification (social security number or tax ID number and the date of birth of everyone who will be covered by the plan) and a form of payment. You’re often required to pay the first month’s premium when you apply for the plan. Only one thing is left: Deciding which plan is right for you and your growing family. Our enrollment site can help you pick out a new plan for the coming year or update your current plan based on the life changes about to happen. If you’d like to speak with someone to make this decision, visit one of our walk-in centers or call a health plan advisor at 855-237-3501. Find more information on health insurance check out these blog posts:
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