5 Signs You Should Consider Mail-Order Prescriptions


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Life moves pretty fast, which means you don’t always have time to do health-related tasks. Getting a flu shot, making it to the gym or even just picking up your medication from the pharmacy can feel like one more thing to squeeze into an already packed day. That’s when mail-order prescriptions can come to the rescue. For members with mail-order benefits, this can be a quick and simple way to receive your medications. Mail-order pharmacies work like other online retailers. Place your order by providing your physician-prescribed prescription, and it will be filled and shipped right to your doorstop. If you’ve never filled a prescription this way before, you might have concerns or questions, or think this isn’t right for you. Here are five signs mail-order is a better way for you to get your medication:
  1. Your pharmacy isn’t nearby. If your closest pharmacy isn’t actually all that close, you could spend a lot of time (as well as money on gas) to pick up your medication. With mail-order pharmacies, it will get delivered to your doorstep.
  2. You have a recurring prescription. Most mail-order prescription plans allow users to receive 90-day supplies each time they order. This allows patients to get the prescriptions they need for longer periods of time without the concern of missing a dose.
  3. You’re on a budget. Several pharmacy plans offer savings of up to one-third off out-of-pocket costs compared with retail pharmacies.
  4. You’re all about convenience. Most mail-order medication programs allow customers to make refill requests online or over the phone. You can set up prescriptions to be refilled automatically by date and have alerts sent to your email or phone. Some companies even have mobile apps to make filling prescriptions easier than ever.
  5. You’re proactive about your health and medications. Receiving medication through the mail not only helps maintain your health, but potentially improve it. According to an American Journal of Managed Care report, research shows that mail-order prescription programs are associated with fewer emergency room visits. The likely cause: Mail-order prescriptions improve medication adherence by making it easier for people to get their prescriptions.
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