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Feeling frugal? You’re in luck: There are now more ways than ever to save money on insurance and wellness-related costs, making it a lot easier to fit health care spending into your budget. The following programs, deals and discounts can help you save hundreds of dollars each year—on everything from gym memberships to your actual health care plan.
  1. $29 monthly gym membership (yes, really!): The Blue365® member discount program gives you affordable access to more than 10,000 gyms across the U.S. You can create a customized fitness program that includes a wide range of classes, like Pilates and cycling, without stacking up fees at multiple gym locations. Meet your goals, on your time, on your budget. And the program goes beyond gym memberships—it also lets you score deals on things like healthy food and weight loss programs. Learn more at bcbsm.com/discounts.
  2. BCBSM mobile app: Not only can you use the mobile app to access all of your Blue365 deals, but you can also look up cost estimates to potentially save on health services and procedures. In addition, the app allows you to verify your claims and coverage, helping you stay on top of your bills.
  3. Health Savings Account (HSA) calculator: Do you have a high deductible or a lot of out-of-pocket costs? A Health Savings Account can help you feel less of an impact in your bank account by letting you pay for certain health-related costs using pre-tax dollars. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan PPO and Blue Care Network HMO Health Equity plan owners can track their HSA balance, claims and contributions all in one place. If your employer offers an HSA, preview how much you can save by using the contribution and future balance calculators. Should your place of employment not offer HSA options, you can explore opening one through a third-party financial institution.
  4. Convenient cost estimates: The Find a Doctor service takes into account whether a physician is in or outside of your coverage network. You can also compare procedure costs. Access to this information can help you stay mindful of your family’s financial health care planning.
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