Do You Automatically Opt Out of Dental Insurance? 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t


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Many people think dental insurance is a luxury—an extra monthly cost that isn’t all that essential to your overall health. In fact, 86 percent of Americans who enrolled in health insurance through the national health care exchange opted out of dental insurance. But what all those people don’t realize is that they are opting out of coverage for health care visits that can have a huge impact on your overall health. The added cost of dental insurance is usually pretty low, and it will cover regular cleanings as well as save you money on any larger dental issues that come up. And because you are likelier to go to the dentist for cleanings if you have insurance, chances are you’ll detect potential issues early, so they can be quickly and efficiently resolved. If you still need convincing, here are the top three reasons why you shouldn’t automatically opt out of dental coverage:
  1. Helps offset costly care: Extractions, crowns, dentures, broken teeth and other dental care beyond cleanings and x-rays can be costly without dental coverage. Enrolling in dental insurance means you’ll have peace of mind that, should an emergency arise, you have help with the bills.
  2. Protects overall health: You may not think the dentist knows a lot beyond how to keep your pearly whites clean, but studies have shown that up to 120 diseases including diabetes, oral cancer, high blood pressure and heart disease show early symptoms in the mouth. Regularly seeing a dentist allows a medical professional to properly monitor your health for any red flags.
  3. Maintains a healthy, great smile: Regular dental checkups and cleanings allow dentists to identify small issues before they become larger, more expensive ones. It might be irritating to have to pay for a cavity, but it’s a lot less expensive than not knowing you have one and ultimately needing a crown or extraction.
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