Foundation Awards over $566,000 to Michigan-Based Community Organizations, Physicians and Researchers

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A young, Black, male doctor speaks with a white, elderly woman in a patient room with large windows and a lot of natural light.
The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation recently awarded a total of more than $566,000 to support research and community programs that identify and address critical issues affecting the health of Michigan residents. The grants offered by the Foundation allow for a range of applicants and ideas.
  • Community Health Matching Program: $309,000 was awarded to nine grantee partners community-based Michigan organizations to address the needs of its community members and produce a tangible effect in their lives. The Foundation funding includes the funding partner Portage Health Foundation, located in Hancock Michigan.
  • Investigator Initiated Programs: $237,000 was invested with five Michigan researchers who will use these grants to turn theory into data, and data into knowledge and improve health outcomes for Michiganders.
  • Physician Investigator Research Award Program: $18,600 was invested with two Michigan physicians to address unmet health needs of and improve the quality of care for their patients.
  • Proposal Development Award: $2,500 was invested with an organization who will use the funds to acquire the services of a grant writers to prepare applications for local and national funders who support healthcare programming.
The BCBSM Foundation is dedicated to improving the health of Michigan residents by supporting health care research and innovative health programs. Each year, BCBSM Foundation invests nearly $2 million in partnering grants to support research quality, value and access to health care. The funding spans the entire 83 counties of the state, from the metro-Detroit area to the communities of the Upper Peninsula. The diversity, relevance and practical application of the research and service delivery projects we fund have earned the Foundation a reputation for excellence and innovation in health philanthropy. Take a look at the current year in giving with the BCBSM Foundation’s 2021 Grant Highlights and the previous year with the BCBSM Foundation's 2020 Grant Highlights.
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