Physical Well-being is a Three-Legged Stool

Julie Bitely

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Have you ever sat on a stool with two legs? If you have, it probably wasn’t for very long and you might have some bruises to show for your balancing feat. Physical well-being is a bit like a three-legged stool in that way. You might be able to get by for a short period of time on just two legs, but a healthier, longer life and a more balanced way of living can be yours if you focus on three key factors. Movement, eating nourishing foods and good mental health are the big three when it comes to physical well-being, said Cindy Bjorkquist, Director of Wellness at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. Bjorkquist recently shared advice to help you improve in all three areas on the A Healthier Michigan Podcast, hosted by Chuck Gaidica. [podcast_player]
  • Move it. This doesn’t have to mean sweating it out at the gym every day, Bjorkquist explained. “It’s not just going for a run. It’s parking across the parking lot,” she said. “Don’t get a riding lawnmower. Get a push lawnmower. Walk around.” Strength training is also incredibly important to longevity and balance as you age.
  • Eat well. The nutrition you take in fuels everything you do at home, at work and in any extracurricular activities you enjoy. Fill up on good, healthy fare and drink lots of water, every day to be your best. “That's super important,” Bjorkquist said.
  • Respect your mind. Mental well-being helps you make good choices when it comes to eating well and moving. “Your mind has to be healthy,” Bjorkquist said. “You have to clear it.” She recommends meditation and mindfulness as practices to adopt to work on your mental well-being.
Head on over to the A Healthier Michigan Podcast page to listen to the full episode and hear other words of wisdom from Bjorkquist and other featured podcast guests. Like this post? Here's more like it:
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