Why I Got Covered as a 20-Something (and How You Can Too)

Natalie Lafehr

| 2 min read

Having to choose your first health insurance plan in your 20s is one of those signs that means you aren’t a kid anymore. And it wasn’t something I looked forward to. But accepting adulthood meant accepting the responsibilities that come with it, including protecting my health. I decided to take that step last year by enrolling in a plan through the health insurance marketplace. Initially the process seemed full of unknowns, but the outcome was definitely worth the effort. Why I signed up My current employer is a smaller company and doesn’t offer insurance benefits, so it falls on the employees to either stay on their parents’ plan, join a spouse’s plan or purchase individual coverage. When I moved out of my parents’ house, I became fully independent. That meant managing my own money and buying my own insurance. It was never an option not to get covered because you never know what the future holds. Now I have peace of mind that if something ever happened to me, I’m covered. I’m less stressed because of it. The process I signed up for health care coverage through the health insurance marketplace in early 2014. There were a lot of options to choose from, but I ended up selecting a Blue Care Network plan. I knew what I was looking for: an affordable plan that provided sufficient flexibility in terms of doctors and care. Once I chose the right plan for me, the selection process was smooth. Peace of Mind Having health insurance hasn’t really affected my day-to-day life, but it has pushed me towards making other responsible choices that will have a positive impact on my future, like cooking more fresh meals at home, working out regularly and balancing my finances. It doesn’t get much more “adult” than that. If you’d like to join Natalie as a member of Blue Care Network or Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, look for plans at bcbsm.com/myblue or speak directly to a health plan advisor about your options by calling 888-899-4931. Looking for more on being young, healthy and covered? You may also like these blogs:
Natalie Lafehr is a neuropsychology student and behavioral health technician who lives and works in Metro Detroit. She enjoys traveling, concert-going and working with kids.
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