2019 Blue Care Network Annual Report: Health Care Inspired by You  

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At Blue Care Network, we’re inspired by our customers, members and the communities we serve. We're inspired by you. In 2019, this meant expanding and improving product options and services, rethinking how we educate, engage and empower members to manage their health, and giving back through volunteerism and meaningful community sponsorships. As the health care system experiences rapid change and fluctuation, our focus will continue to be you. Through uncertainty, know that Blue Care Network will continue to stand strong and work for better health for all our members. In lieu of our traditional annual report, we’ve gathered 2019 highlights here.

A Message from President and CEO, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

"Blue Care Network is an integral component of our enterprise — and a key contributor to all we've achieved in 2019. As a nonprofit health maintenance organization, BCN supported our collective efforts by expanding and improving our product options, while decreasing costs for our customers and members. And, just as important, the organization delivered greater positive, personalized customer and member experiences, helping them understand their HMO plans along the health care journey." Read more from Daniel J. Loepp

A Message from President and CEO, Blue Care Network

"Knowing your needs shapes our vision. Look for us to continue asking what you need and where we can improve, especially as COVID-19 drives a new normal for us all. We’ll be there to help you along the way, while continuing to deliver the quality of care you’ve come to expect from us.” Read more from Kathryn Levine

A message from Blue Care Network Chairman, Board of Directors

"Last year, the health care industry continued to experience rising costs, and competition remained intense. But even among these challenges, business performance stayed strong for Blue Care Network.” Read more from William Black

2019 Financial Results

Our financial picture is strong thanks to portfolio innovation and reinvestment as well as administrative efficiencies. A commitment to keeping costs low never sacrifices quality care. [gallery link="none" size="medium" columns="2" ids="31275,31276"] Operationally, we’re here to serve you:
  • Walk-in centers across the state saw more than 6,600 visitors.
  • Customer Service representatives handled 1.2 million calls, with more than 70% of them handled on the first call.
  • Handling customer service calls in less time saved $250,000 in administrative costs.
  • We processed 12.5 million claims and paid $4 billion in claims.
  • Our claims processing achieved 100% accuracy for the last five years.

2019 Highlights

Whether you’re a business owner, health care consumer or community member, Blue Care Network takes your health to heart. That’s why we’re committed to health care inspired by:
  • Our customers: In 2019, we expanded and improved our product options and services for your employees. Learn more.
  • Our members: We’re rethinking how we educate, engage and empower members to manage their health. Learn more.
  • Our community: We connected with community and other business leaders through volunteerism and sponsorships in 2019. Learn more.
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