The Key to a Company’s Success Lies in How Employees Are Treated


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While any business owner knows that treating customers well can help the company succeed, there’s another group of people who should be catered to: employees. The better you treat those who work for you, the more willing everyone will be to do their jobs well, put in extra effort and strive to meet the company’s goals. A happy employee who feels nurtured and engaged affects everything from their day-to-day tasks to how well their department runs and, ultimately, the bottom line of the company. How do you make sure employees feel valued? It can vary, but it often means scheduling regular check-ins, monitoring workloads, planning team-building activities, having growth opportunities, recognizing employees who go above and beyond at work and offering robust benefits packages. If all of that sounds like a lot, consider the following advantages of treating your employees well:
  • A better experience for customers: A conversation with a customer service representative can leave you either loving the company more than ever or vowing to never do business with them again. And the best customer service experiences typically happen when employees are happy at work. An employee who loves their job and feels they are treated properly at work is someone who will treat customers well, resulting in higher sales and better referrals.
  • Appear more attractive to future employees: The way a job candidate feels about your company goes way beyond what is said in the interview. Current employees often talk about what it’s like to work for your company, giving you a certain reputation in the community. You will attract quality candidates for open positions when current employees speak highly of their experiences working for you and encourage others to join the company.
  • Better job performance: According to the Workplace Research Foundation, employees who are highly engaged are much likelier to be highly productive in the office. When employees feel valued, they try to do the best they can with their daily tasks, are fully committed to their role and feel more creative.
  • Higher company profits: Happy employees lead to a better bottom line. Gallup research estimates that for every employee who isn’t engaged, a company loses $2,246. On the other hand, companies that were listed as the top 100 to work for from Forbes magazine saw their profits rise an average of 22.2 percent.
  • Fewer open positions: Filling open spots takes a lot of time and energy, and getting a new hire up to speed can take weeks or months. It’s a lot easier to hold on to talented employees, which only happens if they are happy showing up at work every day.
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