Blue Cross Expands No-Cost COVID-19 Treatment Through September 30, 2021

Amy Barczy

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This blog was updated May 12, 2021 to reflect the most up-to-date information. Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network have put the health of members and customers at the forefront. We’ve stood by our members, removing barriers in access to care and making sure their health care is affordable – and we’ve provided customers with information and solutions to help navigate the health care system. As an enterprise, we’ve put more than $600 million behind our multifaceted response to the COVID-19 crisis as of November 2020. Members of commercial PPO and HMO plans through Blue Cross and Blue Care Network, as well as individuals in Medicare Advantage plans, don’t have to pay for COVID-19 treatment through September 30, 2021. Members have not had to pay cost sharing for treatment in the form of copays, deductibles and coinsurance since March when the first cases of COVID-19 were announced in Michigan. Blue Cross also continues to pay for FDA-approved, physician-authorized testing for COVID-19 until further notice. Additionally, many temporary, expanded health and wellness benefits were offered to all Blue Cross and Blue Care Network members were available through June 30, 2020 More from
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