During the Holidays, Take the Time to Talk with Loved Ones About Their Health

Daniel J. Loepp

| 2 min read

Daniel J. Loepp is President and Chief Executive Officer of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.

During this holiday period, as you gather with family and friends over the dinner table or at events, I encourage you to take the opportunity to engage in a deeper conversation with those you love about their health. One of the most important things to discuss is whether your family members and friends have a primary care doctor. That’s because the relationship you and your loved ones build with your primary care doctor can help ensure you receive better care. It’s the job of your primary care doctor to know your health history, track medications, and understand your health needs. A primary care doctor can also be your best resource to coordinate care, connect you with specialists, when needed, and help identify any health concerns early so they can be treated. Encourage your family members to prioritize their health – even when it seems inconvenient. We all know that some things that impact our health happen after hours -- or at times when your primary care physician is not available. That’s why Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan members have greater access to great care outside of normal hours – and even from the quiet of their own home. Some of those choices include: a 24/7 Nurse Line, Blue Cross Online VisitsSM, retail health clinics and, when necessary, urgent care centers Also important during this holiday season, you may want to talk with your family and friends about the available health plans options for high-quality, affordable health care. It’s currently the 2020 annual enrollment period for the individual marketplace and Medicare Advantage. Reviewing choices and talking about health care options together can help everyone find the best health plan tailored to their needs. Having our families and friends together can create the perfect opportunity to have these important discussions about health. I encourage you to make the most of your time with your loved ones so that they are getting the care they need to be healthy now and into the New Year. Photo credit: Peopleimages

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