Loepp: Personalized Customer Experience at the Heart of What We Do

Daniel J. Loepp

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Daniel J. Loepp is President and Chief Executive Officer of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.

Smiling customer service rep on a headset
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan strongly believes that affordable health coverage and quality care should be available to everyone. Since day one, when the forerunner to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan signed its first subscriber in 1939, our focus has always been on providing great service to our customers. Our members and customers are the reason we exist. As we enter a new decade, Blue Cross Blue Shield is focusing even more on our customers and their individual needs. Today’s consumers want to do business with companies that deliver more personalized products and services to fulfill their unique needs. That’s why we’re working harder than ever to build guidance into our everyday interactions with our members and why we’ve redesigned our care management model to use a holistic, member-centric approach that delivers the right health outcomes. As one example, our care management teams work with seniors to identify social factors that can be barriers to good health, such as lack of transportation, financial issues or food insecurity. Our care managers then find resources and services to alleviate those social barriers. By providing guidance to our members, we’re helping them to better manage their health conditions and overall costs. Another innovation to better serve our customers is through human-centered design to understand the journeys of patients and gain insight into their mindset, desires, frustrations and needs. This approach -- all centered on the needs of our customers and members -- has helped identify opportunities to improve member experiences while lowering costs through evidence-based practices, virtual care solutions and other strategies. Additionally, we’ve increased our personalized interactions with members, tailoring them to their unique interests and needs to ensure we’re communicating with them effectively and in the manner best suited to each individual. Navigating care can be complicated, and this new decade promises to bring much change. As our company evolves to address those changes, we are more committed than ever to providing easy, simple and personalized experiences for our members and customers and keeping their individual needs at the center of everything we do. Photo credit: Ridofranz

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