2020 Annual Report: Here for Our Providers

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Portrait of a group of medical practitioners wearing face masks while standing together in a hospital
The Blue Cross Blue Shield system offered care to members in every Zip Code in the United States in 2020 – proving the unparalleled breadth and depth of our provider network. In Michigan, we provide health insurance coverage and work with providers in all 83 counties. When the COVID-19 pandemic came, it immediately brought unprecedented challenge our health care delivery system – significantly disrupting the operations and finances of health systems, physician practices and dental and vision providers. Blue Cross worked diligently to provide financial support, reduce burdens and keep our provider network informed and connected.
  • Supporting Michigan hospitals by stabilizing and maintaining normal cash flow under dynamic conditions – advancing $687 million to support physicians and health systems as elective services were temporarily closed
  • Helping providers navigate the federal CARES Act, lending options and state regulations
  • Donating more than 70,000 units of protective equipment and connecting hospitals to additional resources through state agencies
  • Collaborating with 36 Michigan hospitals to share clinical data for COVID-19 treatment
  • Providing $1 million to the Michigan Dental Association to purchase PPE for dentist offices around Michigan
  • Increasing access to care by suspending inpatient and post-acute prior authorizations
  • Responding to the rapid evolution of care for COVID patients by releasing 37 medical policy updates in support of COVID-19-related health insurance coverage
  • Facilitating weekly meetings with 40 physician organizations (representing 20,000 network physicians) and representatives from Michigan state agencies, universities and laboratories to disseminate timely updates on the pandemic

Advancing a “Blueprint for Affordability”

Even during the pandemic, Blue Cross continued working with provider organizations across Michigan to advance our Blueprint for Affordability program. Through a transformative, risk-sharing model focused on patient health and quality outcomes, Blueprint encourages providers to better coordinate their patients’ care. Seven new partners joined the program in 2020, extending its reach across Michigan. A total of 21 health organizations are participating, representing 38% of Blue Cross’ commercial preferred provider organization (PPO) membership and 42% of Blue Cross’ Medicare Advantage PPO membership. Blueprint builds on years of collaboration and partnership with health care providers statewide. Blue Cross’ Value Partnerships programs have improved health care quality in Michigan and have helped avoid $2.2 billion in costs over the last decade. Blueprint’s value-based payment model advances this framework by establishing annual cost-of-care targets and clinical quality benchmarks for provider organizations that come on board – linking reimbursement directly to patient outcomes and cost-effective care. Read the full 2020 Annual Report
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