The time is now to make health care more affordable.

Everyone wants access to the highest-quality care. Everyone wants health care to be less costly.

Here in Michigan, we’re working together to get it done.
This is our Blueprint for Affordability.

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Meet the partners who have joined us.

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Collaborating to make health care more affordable


Health care quality and cost go hand-in-hand. When quality and care coordination improve, wasteful costs can be prevented. We need a better way to improve quality of care, because it keeps health insurance affordable for everyone.


We’ve realized better quality and lower spending from 15 years of innovative programs that pay for health care that works. Together with health providers, we’ve made Michigan a leader in value-based care.


It’s time for more. More progress toward more value. More collaboration to improve quality. The time is now for all health care stakeholders to work together and solve the affordability crisis that impacts us all.

Health care that’s more affordable?

We're redefining payment models to improve care and lower costs.

Blueprint for Affordability balances the financial responsibility for managing the cost and quality of health care. It’s an agreement where physician organizations and health systems aim to manage their patients’ health and lower their total cost of care.

When providers are successful, they share in the savings generated. And they’ll share in the financial cost when they don’t succeed.

Blueprint for Affordability builds on our 15 years of successful collaboration with Michigan physicians and hospitals that has improved the way health care is delivered. Providers in these Value Partnerships programs have offered the right care at the right time to:

  • Reduce unnecessary ER visits.
  • Avoid repeated testing.
  • Reduce complications.
  • Coordinate patient care to prevent repeat trips to the hospital.

These efforts improve care outcomes and save money: $2.2 billion in Michigan so far.

But even with these results, it’s not enough. Our members are wallet-weary. Our customers are asking for relief.

So, we’re pushing further. Blueprint for Affordability combines health care quality, efficiency and coordination to reduce the cost of care.

Health systems and physician organizations are stepping forward to join us in this effort, because they know this is a better way.

It’s a forward push. A bold new approach to goals we all share:

Healthier people. Lower cost. Affordable coverage.

Where Your Premium Dollar Goes

For Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan members, 88% of each health insurance premium dollar is spent on providing care. Learn more.

dollar-slice1 Inpatient Claims

dollar-slice2 Outpatient Claims

dollar-slice3 Professional Claims
27% (Health care professionals providing care)

dollar-slice4 Prescription Drugs

dollar-slice5 Taxes and Fees

dollar-slice6 Administration

dollar-slice7 Commissions

dollar-slice8 Other

dollar-slice9 Profit

*Percentages are based on actual BCBSM experience for PPO business segments across the years 2017, 2018 and 2019.

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The Facts


Health care spending in the United States is more than $3 trillion per year

*Blue Cross Blue Shield Association


Between 2010 & 2025, prescription drug prices are expected to increase by 136%

*Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services


Treating chronic diseases accounts for 86% of U.S. health care costs

*Blue Cross Blue Shield Association


90% of the nation’s $3.3 trillion in health care costs are for chronic and mental health conditions.

*Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


75% of health care costs are due to chronic diseases that could be avoided with preventative care.

*Health Payer Intelligence


33% of Americans delayed or avoided necessary (health) care due to cost.

*2016 Commonwealth Fund Survey

Our Progress Toward Affordability


Our value-based collaborations have improved quality and moderated cost. Blueprint for Affordability will accelerate these efforts.