Increase the Impact of Your Blue Cross Medical Benefits by Adding Pharmacy

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We know you have a lot to consider when you coordinate your company’s health care benefits package. From budget to employee satisfaction, every decision has countless implications in the short and long term. You could try an a la carte approach to building a benefits package, but you can get more out of your health care dollars by working with one trusted partner. When you bundle your medical and pharmacy coverage with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, you can do more for your employees and your business. The top reasons to combine pharmacy and medical coverage for your employees include:
  • Improved employee health
  • Lower net cost
  • Better employee experience
  • Better customer value

For Employees: The Power of One Card

With an integrated Blue Cross plan that combines both medical and pharmacy coverage, your employees will have one card to access all their health care benefits. The medical and pharmacy expertise and creative solutions behind that Blue Cross card make their care better, their costs lower and their employee experience more convenient. Studies have shown that 55% of Americans use prescription drugs. So for many of your employees, having all of their health care benefits, including pharmacy, on one card will make the process of getting care much more seamless. Your employees will get the confidence that comes with their Blue Cross card at the pharmacy, including discount pricing on eligible medications. Our members pay the lowest prices for drugs when using their Blue Cross ID cards. We also work hard to offer creative solutions that save our members money to help them afford taking their medicine the way their doctor prescribed it. When employees understand how to get the most out of their health care benefits, they value them more, and an integrated plan makes everything easier. With access to Blue Cross online resources and apps, your employees will have their health care coverage and medication information at their fingertips. They can see their medical and pharmacy claims history that includes their copayment amounts and out-of-pocket maximums. They can also find out if a specific medication is covered by their plan, manage their mail-order medications and use the Find a Doctor tool to search in-network pharmacies. Most importantly, an integrated approach results in better care.

For Your Business: A Valued Plan That Delivers Value

Now more than ever, health care benefits matter. They’ve become one of the most important factors in determining whether an employee joins or stays with a company. A desirable health care benefits package can help you lower the costs associated with employee turnover while also helping you attract top talent. And no benefits are more valued among Michigan workers than Blue Cross. An integrated plan from Blue Cross helps you retain and acquire top talent. Keeping your employees healthy also impacts your ability to operate your business, maintain workforce stability and reduce costs. When health care benefits are integrated and coordinated to treat the whole person, it can improve employee health by identifying and closing gaps in care and helping to get them back to work sooner. The long-term result is fewer medical days off and more production. In addition to happier, healthier employees, companies will get the best value for their health care dollars by combining medical and pharmacy coverage. With improved pharmacy pricing and rebates, Blue Cross makes integrating prescription drug coverage a better value than you’ll find by offering it individually.

Award-Winning Care for Everything

Combining medical and pharmacy benefits through Blue Cross is a proven formula that makes sense for businesses. Whether you’re building a plan for a large company or a small start-up, you’ll discover how choosing an integrated plan from Michigan’s leading health insurance company can reduce costs, improve care and provide a better member experience. It’s why we’re ranked No. 1 in Member Satisfaction among Commercial Health Plans in Michigan in the J.D. Power survey for 2020. From your employees to your bottom line, the benefits add up when you bring your plan together under Blue Cross. More from
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