2020 Blue Care Network Annual Report: Assuring Health Care Stability for Our Customers

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Whether you’re an HR administrator or a small business owner, you know your workforce is your greatest business asset. Keeping them healthy and protected is important to you, as well as us. We understand the importance of keeping health care costs down, without sacrificing the quality of your employees’ care. It’s why last year we introduced:
Simpler, more flexible health care plans:
Blue Elect Plus℠ and BCN HMO Fixed Cost℠ deliver extra benefit choices to meet your employees' needs for flexible care options and simplified cost structures.
Broader access to telehealth medical services:
Our expanded network of telehealth health care service providers and Blue Cross Online Visits™ eliminated access and cost barriers to care.
Money-saving drug adherence programs:
Our High-Cost Drug Discount Optimization program, powered by PillarRx, launched last year to offer copay assistance from drug manufacturers for specialty and higher-cost drugs, generating an average savings of 25% on each prescription. The Drug Discount Adherence program, powered by Sempre Health, saved enrolled members as much as 45% on their out-of-pocket costs for eligible medication.
Lower drug administration costs:
Our Site of Care program for chronic conditions lowers the cost on the administration of expensive drug infusions. In the first quarter of last year alone, the program saved more than $1 million. Members could choose to receive their infusions conveniently at home, their doctor’s office or at a freestanding infusion center instead of at higher-cost outpatient hospitals.
Better service:
Our electronic prior authorization system saved providers time so employees got their medications faster. About 85% of prescription drugs needing prior authorization or step therapy are now submitted by providers electronically using the new system, rather than by fax. And to ensure your employees knew how to get the most from our BCN plans, our field specialists conducted 267 virtual and on-site field visits.
“We are a small business that truly wants to give the very best, affordable plan to our people. Our BCN field specialist listened intently and educated me about our plan. When I didn't understand something, she took the time to explain it to me in terms that made sense. We now feel confident with the choices we're making for our staff.” - Blue Care Network customer
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Read the full 2020 Annual Blue Care Network report here.
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