How to Host a Successful Flu Shot Clinic at Work


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The flu is expensive. Not only does it cost employees their health, but it can cost them missed time at work, trips to the doctor’s office and flu medications. It can also cost your company: You can blame the flu for around 70 million missed work days per year and a loss of 10.4 billion in direct cost. What can you do? Business owners can give employees the opportunity to receive their flu shot right at their place of work. By hosting a flu shot clinic, you’re taking a proactive approach in keeping your employees safe and healthy. Here are some ways you can host a successful flu clinic:
  • Start early: Flu season can last from October all the way through May. The earlier people receive the flu shot, the less chance the flu has to spread.
  • Hold a prep call: Prep calls are important. They let you know exactly what to expect out of your flu clinic as well as give the clinic staff enough time to make accommodations to your company’s needs.
  • Give good estimates: It’s important to know how many people will be attending your clinic. This gives the vendor enough time to gather the correct amount of materials and vaccines needed for everyone.
  • Create marketing materials: Let your employees know the important details about the clinic: when, where and why they should get the flu shot. You can get this messaging out through emails, flyers and posters.
  • Have educational materials on hand: It’s good to explain to your employees why getting their flu shot is so important, not only for them, but for their families and coworkers. If you would like materials to reference or use, visit and click on Health and Well-Being Programs to find downloadable flu shot season guide materials to share with your employees.
If you would like more information about how to host your own flu shot clinic at work, please reach out to your Blue Cross sales representative or agent. If you’re a Blue Cross or Blue Care Network member, you can always visit a participating pharmacy with your member ID card to get your flu shot today. While most pharmacies will accept your coverage, be sure to ask before you get your vaccine. Then, write down the date and let your doctor know at your next appointment so he or she can keep your immunization chart up to date. You can also schedule an appointment with your primary doctor to get one. Your office visit copayment may apply. For Blue Cross members without Blue Cross pharmacy coverage: Visit to see a list of immunizing pharmacies that provide vaccines under your medical coverage. For more information on flu-related topics, check out these posts on

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