Simple Ways for Businesses to Explain Pharmacy Coverage to Employees


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Simple Ways for Businesses to Explain Pharmacy Coverage to Employees
Pharmacy coverage is a critical part of an employee benefits package, providing access to prescription medications that treat many illnesses and help keep health care costs down. Since 55 percent of Americans regularly take prescription drugs, it’s crucial that businesses don’t just offer this benefit to employees, but also clearly explain how their pharmacy coverage works. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s pharmacy plans are customized to meet your budget and your employees’ needs. Employees can rest assured knowing the prescription medications on Blue Cross’ drug lists are all reviewed by a team of pharmacists and physicians to ensure they’re safe and effective treatments. Your employees will also benefit from clinical programs designed to spot inappropriate use or abuse of medications, including reviews to help avoid negative drug interactions. Drug lists, pharmacy networks and copayment amounts vary based on many factors, and each employer’s plan is different. Use these tips to help your employees get the most out of their prescription drug coverage and avoid surprises at the pharmacy:
  • Encourage them to download the BCBSM mobile app. Employees can use the BCBSM mobile app or log in to their online account to access plan specifics such as prescription costs, copayment amounts for medications and out-of-pocket maximums. They can also find out if a specific medication is covered by their plan, receive delivery status of their mail-order medications or use the Find a Doctor tool to find an in-network pharmacy.
  • Help them save money. Educate your staff on the cost-saving options accessible through their benefits package, including:
    • Tiered pricing with different copay levels
    • Choosing lower cost, yet highly effective, generic medications over brand-name options
    • Speaking with their health care provider about the use of step therapy instead of automatically opting for a higher-priced medication
    • Requesting 90-day supplies of non-specialty prescriptions through mail-order delivery
  • Inform them of added benefits. Encourage employees to take advantage of additional benefits offered through their pharmacy plan, including no- or low-cost vaccinations at their local pharmacy. Blue Cross covers preventive care such as immunizations and vaccines, helping your employees maintain their health year-round.
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