2022 Blue Care Network Annual Report: Letter from the Chairman, Blue Care Network Board of Directors

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Bill Black
At Blue Care Network, we’re ready to help manage cost-savings while delivering a diverse and dynamic portfolio of health care choices to our customers and members. In 2022, we maintained strong membership levels of 830,000.
We had a stable business performance, while serving more than 40% of the Michigan HMO market. Our strategic partnerships, risk management strategies and effective health programs helped us remain focused on reducing health care costs and improving care quality.
Our utilization management and value-based programs allow us to ensure clinically appropriate and cost-effective health care services and medications. In 2022, our discount program for specialty drugs generated $3.7 million in out-of-pocket prescription savings. Our personalized medicine pilot program showed reduced total health care spending for members who received testing. And our new behavioral health collaborative care model helps to mitigate costs by lowering the rates for emergency room visits and hospital readmissions.
These achievements allowed us to reinvest in new products and programs to keep our members safe and healthy. We’ll continue to elevate Blue Care Network as your trusted partner and a leader in HMO health care.
William H. Black
Chair, Blue Care Network Board of Directors
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