2022 Blue Care Network Annual Report: Letter from Blue Care Network President and CEO

Blues Perspectives

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Kathryn Levine
At Blue Care Network, we’re ready to help our customers, members and the communities we serve get the best care possible with more comprehensive health care coverage. In 2022, we designed plans and programs with greater convenience, more affordability and expanded access to quality health care providers — delivering value beyond benefits.
We’re ready to help our members get convenient access to quality health care. Our new virtual primary care plans make receiving coordinated care easier, where and when you need it. And our new digital maternity program offers one-on-one family planning and support for soon-to-be parents.
We strive to be an innovative leader in the health care industry. We developed Michigan’s first personalized medicine program to guide members to specific medications based on their unique genetics. Finding precise prescriptions and dosages helps health care providers recommend effective treatment plans to patients.
We put a spotlight on the importance of mental health to connect members to treatment faster. Last year, we expanded our virtual behavioral health provider network and integrated whole-person health management into more primary care practices across Michigan.
We want our members to feel supported along their health care journey, and confident in their coverage and options. As health care evolves, we’ll continue to improve our products, programs and services to meet your needs for convenient, quality health care solutions.
Kathryn Levine
President and CEO, Blue Care Network
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