Health care facilities and providers recognized for their expertise in delivering specialty care.

Elevating Specialty Care in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

When you need specialty care, you want to trust that you’re getting the best care possible. Whether it’s maternity care for welcoming a new life into the world or replacement of a knee or hip, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s Blue Distinction program for specialty care and surgery gives you peace of mind that the providers you are seeing provide nationally recognized care tailored to your distinctive health care needs, right in your own communities.
Bringing Nationally Recognized Care to the U.P.
With the Blue Distinction program, U.P. residents aren’t left to navigate unfamiliar health care systems to access specialized care. “The importance of Blue Distinction is that you have the confidence you are getting the best care as anywhere in the country,” Steve Anderson, Vice President, Hospital Contracting and Network Administration at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan shares. “That means technology, tools, diagnostics, all of those resources are contemporary and what you find in an inner-city, academic medical centers. You have the confidence that Blue Distinction Centers, in the U.P. such as Dickinson Medical Center and UPHS Marquette are using current, advanced technology and equipment.
These centers offer a specialized services for maternity care at Dickinson Medical Center and knee hip and spine surgery at UPHS Marquette are all delivered by expert medical professionals who meet or exceed national standards of excellence and understand the unique needs of their local communities.
Understanding U.P.’s Healthcare Challenges:
The U.P. boasts breathtaking scenery and a strong sense of community, yet its remote location and sparse population density can pose obstacles to health care access. It’s no secret that residents often perceive challenges in accessing specialized medical services due to long distances, weather conditions or availability of providers. Moreover, the U.P.'s unique demographic makeup contributes to a diverse range of health care needs that require specialized attention.
The Blue Distinction program in the U.P. is tailored to address the region's unique health care needs. Whether it's providing specialized knee, hip or spine surgery for outdoor enthusiasts or offering maternity care, Blue Distinction Centers are equipped to handle a diverse array of healthcare challenges. By focusing on prevention, early intervention, and patient-centered care, these centers strive to improve health outcomes and enhance the quality of life for U.P. residents.
The Blue Distinction Difference:
Blue Cross’ Blue Distinction program serves as a beacon of excellence in the U.P.'s health care landscape. Through rigorous evaluation and stringent criteria, Blue Distinction identifies health care facilities and providers that excel in delivering specialized care for maternity and knee, hip and spine surgery. These designated providers meet national standards for quality, safety, and efficiency, ensuring that U.P. residents receive the highest caliber of care close to home.
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