U.P. residents have access to health care that is nationally recognized for quality and efficiency. Total Care & Blue Distinction designations recognize healthcare providers for their quality care and patient results.

Total Care

Total Care recognizes doctors that focus on health care instead of sick care.

Blue Distinction

Health care facilities and providers recognized for their expertise in delivering specialty care.

Total Care & Blue Distinction: Peace of Mind for U.P. residents

From geographic isolation to limited access to specialized medical services, accessing quality care close to home can sometimes feel like a daunting task. It doesn’t have to be. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s partnership with local, trusted providers through Total Care, Total Care + and Blue Distinction designations helps residents find nationally recognized care right at home and marks superior care right here in our local communities.
Total Care: Total Care for the Whole Patient
BCBSM's Total Care program is designed to provide residents of Michigan's Upper Peninsula and members across the country with comprehensive, coordinated health care services that address the individual’s unique needs.
Through this designation, Blue Cross works closely with local health care providers to ensure that U.P. residents have access to and coordination with wide range of medical services, from preventive care to specialized treatments. By promoting collaboration among providers and leveraging advanced technology, Total Care + aims to improve health outcomes, enhance patient satisfaction, and reduce health care costs for U.P. residents while they remain local in their communities.
Blue Distinction: Recognizing Excellence in Specialty Care
In addition to Total Care, Blue Cross’ Blue Distinction designation recognizes health care facilities and providers that demonstrate exceptional quality and expertise in delivering specialized care. This nationally recognized designation serves as a seal of approval for U.P. residents seeking specialized medical services, indicating that designated facilities and providers have met rigorous standards for safety, effectiveness, and efficiency. From knee and hip replacement to maternity and spine care, Blue Distinction ensures that U.P. residents receive the highest quality of care close to home.
Meeting Unique Challenges in the Upper Peninsula
Blue Cross’ Total Care and Blue Distinction providers understand the unique challenges that U.P. residents face because they are community residents themselves. By partnering with these health care providers and leveraging advanced technology, Blue Cross is improving access to care, enhancing care coordination, and driving better health outcomes for U.P. residents.
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