Empowering Employees Through Health & Wellness Programs


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In today’s corporate America, it’s more important than ever to enable employees to not only feel empowered in their role, but also with their health. When employees feel more in control of their professional and personal lives, they’re more engaged and have more of a connection to the company and each other. Every company has its own way of catering to its employees’ needs, but here are a few tips to get you started: Create Incentives to Stay Healthy If employees are rewarded for practicing healthy habits, they’re more likely to maintain those habits. Buy fitness devices for your employees, encourage them to download their favorite fitness apps or start a step challenge. Blue Cross members can sync their devices and apps with the Device and App Connection Center on the Blue Cross® Health & Wellness site on bcbsm.comto track their steps. Discover the incentives your team is most excited about, such as a gift card to a fancy gym near the office or an extra day off work. This is a win-win, since studies show that healthy employees are more productive. Focus on the Body, Mind and Soul Health and wellness isn’t only about being physically fit and eating right, but also about caring for your mental health. Employees can easily become overworked and stressed, so it’s a good idea to implement activities that give them a chance to power down and relax. Try offering monthly 15-minute massages at work or guided meditation sessions — you can even bring in a few therapy dogs for the animal lovers in your office. And on days when your employees feel like they’re burning out, offer them the option to work from home or take a mental health day. That extra ounce of flexibility can go a long way! Remember that Knowledge is Power Go above and beyond general health benefits by arming your employees with knowledge to empower them and to make the best health-related decisions for themselves and their families. Encourage your employees to log in to bcbsm.com or open the Blue Cross mobile app and visit the Health & Wellness site to take advantage of free online resources that can help them stay healthy and learn more about their health. Likewise, ensure they’re prepared for opportunities and activities such as open enrollment, flu shot season and flexible spending accounts. To learn more, visit the Blue Cross Wellness Programs and our employer resources page. Find printable information about Blue Cross® Health & Wellness programs you can share with your employees on bcbsm.com/engage. You can find other useful tips in the following blogs:
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